About Us

Make It Happen Sierra Leone was created to improve education in the post-conflict ravaged country, ranked as the poorest country in the world by the United Nations. Thankfully from work that we and many other charities carry out, things are starting to improve.

Our work covers many important and crucial areas in trying to help Sierra Leone get back on its feet and be the great country we know it is, including:

• Refurbishing state owned and free run schools

• Building completely new schools

• Collaborating with two other charities who a) improve the quality of teaching and learning and b) help young girls who have been forced into prostitution find a different path

We would love you to take a look at the work we have done from refurbishing schools in Freetown, the capital, to new constructions in the Tonkolili District and Pate Bana Marankh.

Examples of our work, along with a background of the country and an insight into the lives of the people we help can be found in our photographic presentation. Please take a look as this is the best way (short of joining us on a visit to Sierra Leone) to see how much these children need your help but to also see their smiling faces and their family life.

Refurbishing & Building Schools

When we say we refurbish schools, this is not a refurbishment as we know it. We take schools from this Image-19 to this Image-16

We employ local tradesmen wherever possible so that they get involved with rejuvenating the areas in which they live, providing them with not only financial rewards but also giving them skills with which they can have some hope for the future – as well as improving their own family lives by building new homes for themselves.

Make It Happen not only refurbish and build new schools; we build houses for teachers as well so that teachers will remain happily in the remoter rural areas giving the children of this country the best possible resources within their own communities.

Take a look at our Get Involved section to see how you can help us continue the important work we do.

Helping Young Girls

We help young girls who have been forced into prostitution (frequently from the age of 12 upwards) to return to education to give them the hope and skills of a better life and future. These girls have never been given a choice or a chance and we believe that through education we can help save them from a life of being exploited, beaten and abused.

(Insert picture from leaflet in here) I have some photos from the streets of Makeni of actual child prostitutes which I will send. They may not be good enough to use here though.

We do so much more than building schools, together with our partner charity in this area, we help give these young girls a future and we are determined to make a difference. Every child should be able to learn and play and be just that…a child and we are here, together with your help, to make that happen.

Please visit our Get Involved page to see how you can help to literally change a young girl’s life and help support the work we do.