Our Mission

Make It Happen Sierra Leone was created to improve education in the post-conflict ravaged country, ranked recently as one of the poorest country in the world by the United Nations. Our goal is to help raise the standard of learning and teaching by supporting the development of teachers and improving the environment in which education is delivered.

“Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world”

— Nelson Mandela

Chief Executive Statement.

With these goals in mind I have personally made transparency, good governance and refusing to be drawn into a culture of bribery and corruption my personal mission. Alongside this Make It Happen has a long term commitment to using indigenous labour, materials and expertise in our projects. We recognise we are visitors in a foreign country, there to assist not to dictate action and progress. 

It was during my time as chief executive of the Charity Service that my eyes were opened to the plight of Sierra Leoneans. By acting as a mediator in the aftermath of the civil war I gained insight into the many issues facing the country. Make It Happen was founded cofounded by myself and Nigel Green in 2011 with the short term aim of improving education in the country and a long term aim of contributing to better society. 

Michael Colin : Chief Executive

Michael Colin : Chief Executive